4 Reasons Why Grooming Your Cat is Important

4 Reasons Why Grooming Your Cat is Important

Most cats do a superior job of self-grooming, but when you pitch in (or treat your pampered Persian to a professional grooming appointment), it benefits more than her crowning glory. Regular grooming sessions actually improve her overall health and wellbeing.

At Cat Care of Vinings, we love focusing on the unique needs of cats. Our experts have compiled four reasons why tending to your tabby’s grooming needs should be part of your cat care routine.

Why is Grooming My Cat Important?

Grooming Reduces Hairballs and Shedding

Hairballs happen, but regular grooming helps—a lot. The more floof that collects on the brush means the less she’ll ingest when she’s grooming herself. Hairballs aren’t just messy, they can become impacted and cause life-threatening blockages that require emergency surgery. Regular brushing also helps prevent irritating mats from forming (on longhaired cats) and can tame the number of furry tumbleweeds rolling across your floors. 

Her Paws Need Special Attention 

Perhaps you’ve wondered, do I need to trim my cat’s nails? The answer is yes, and not just to protect your lap when she lovingly makes biscuits. Long nails can get caught on rugs and fabrics, and when she tries to jerk free, she can get injured. Plus, nails that are severely overgrown will curl into her paw pads and cause pain. Rule of thumb: when you hear her toenails clicking across the floor, it’s time for a trim. Ask us for nail trimming tips!

It’s a Two-Way Bonding Experience

Grooming your cat can be a bonding experience that works both ways. Cats view grooming as a way of demonstrating affection and trust, and studies have shown that petting a cat can reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure! When your cat becomes completely comfortable with being groomed and handled, gently inspect her skin and feel for abnormalities that might warrant a checkup, peek inside her ears for wax buildup, and check the length of her nails. 

Your Special Needs Kitty Can’t Do It All Herself 

Some cats require grooming assistance because they can no longer physically clean themselves. This might be the case if you have a senior cat, an overweight kitty, or one with a medical condition or injury that limits her mobility. 

We’re Here for Your Cat’s Grooming Needs

Our grooming services include nail trims, sanitary shaves, and lion cuts. Please contact us if you need more tips for grooming your cat or to schedule a visit. 

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