A Purr-fect Match: The Keys to Successful Cat Adoption

A Purr-fect Match: The Keys to Successful Cat Adoption

Cat ownership is an amazing, rewarding experience, but it doesn’t always come easily or naturally. A great deal of thought, preparation, and planning is ideal prior to bringing home a new animal; however, many adoptions are unplanned, hurried, or impulsively done. A hasty cat adoption can still yield positive results, but it’s always important to face this lifetime commitment with an understanding of feline health, safety, and wellness.

Big Decision, Little Meow

Many people go forward with a cat adoption when they least expect to. We can definitely relate to that heart-crushing moment when you first lay eyes on a beautiful cat. Like we said, cats adopted this way can have a wonderful life at their forever homes. Sadly, though, statistics show surrender rates at shelters are related to a lack of preparation or forethought prior to cat adoption.

It Won’t Happen to You

The essential considerations before cat adoption pertain to your:

Living situation – Rent/own, roommates, yard safety and security, etc. Current pet dynamic – Do you already own cats or other animals? How would they react to a new cat or kitten? It’s critical that other pets do not get overlooked or ignored after cat adoption. Children – Cat ownership is fantastic for kids, but some ages are more compatible with kitties than others. Time – Cats need your attention for play, snuggles, and general basic needs. Number – Are you able to adopt more than one at a time? Two make for great playmates if they’re already a bonded pair! Finances – After adoption costs, are you able to provide veterinary care and basic needs like litter, bedding, food, and toys? Long term – Age-related illnesses in cats are common. Are you prepared to learn about and support various medical or behavioral problems? Many cats can live two decades or more, making it imperative to look down the road at how you can provide for one.

Successful Cat Adoption

There are large numbers of cats to choose from. You may prefer a kitten, but adult or senior cats make excellent companions. Also, black cats are sadly overlooked at shelters, but they are usually the sweetest and most loving pets. Whatever your choice, be sure that you can accommodate all of your cat’s needs and provide a safe, secure, and happy life for him or her.

Head to Tail

After you complete your cat adoption, we’d love the opportunity to examine your new cat, head to tail, for his or her first wellness care visit. We’ll address the following, and open the discussion for:

De-worming Vaccinations Parasite prevention Spay/neuter Microchipping Litter box training Socialization Exercise and play Dental care Nutrition Grooming Necessary supplies Pet insurance, such as Trupanion, may be an excellent choice for your cat’s long-term health care needs

If we can assist you further with cat adoption, we encourage you to contact us. We are always here for your special feline, and look forward to seeing your new addition.

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