A Year in Review: Our Top 5 Cat Care Blogs of 2019 

A Year in Review: Our Top 5 Cat Care Blogs of 2019 

After a very busy end to the holiday season, the team at Cat Care of Vinings pauses and considers all of the things that have happened in 2019. One of our best memories is serving our furry patients with excellent care and getting to know our fur families. Because we care so much about the health and well-being of our pets, our hope with our blog was to instill confidence in cat owners to provide the very best for their pets.

We are happy to know that our blog has served this purpose of educating, raising awareness, and entertaining our readers with quality content. These are our top 5 cat blogs according to our readers. Have another great read!

Here’s to a Year of Pet Health with Our Top 5 Cat Care Blogs!

5. How Laser Therapy Can Change the GameWhen faced with their cat’s painful illness or injury, most cat owners are highly motivated to find solutions that heal or ease symptoms. Medication, supplements, physical  therapy, and rehabilitation are important, but a cutting-edge treatment modality is also on the rise. Read more…

4. Kitty Confidential: Common Cat Myths DebunkedSince their domestication nearly 12,000 years ago, cats have long been considered creatures of myth and mystery. From being worshipped in ancient Egypt (a cat cemetery with more than 3,000 cat mummies was discovered!) to being viewed as a symbol of liberty during the Roman Empire, the housecat has had a wild ride through history. Continue…

3. The Real Deal: What it Means when Cats KneadCat owners are lucky to be able to closely observe feline behavior every day. We’re in awe by their reflexes, impressed by their accuracy, and inspired by their cleverness. However, one of the cutest, sweetest things that cats do is knead. Make the donuts?

2. Needy Cat, Needy Cat: It’s Not Your FaultOf all their endearing qualities, it’s their independence that causes us to fall in love with felines. As a group, cats don’t need their owners in the same way…other popular four-legged friends might (yeah, we’re looking at you, dogs!). But what happens when an otherwise unfettered feline suddenly starts to follow you around, begging for attention? Need to know?1. Deep Thoughts: What is Your Cat Thinking Throughout the Day?The connection we have to cats is so strong it feels almost as though they can read our thoughts, scan our moods, and even gauge how to behave based on our needs. Because the depth of feeling for cats is so powerful, it’s easy to get caught up in projecting onto them very human-like thought processes. But what really goes on in their sweet, furry heads? Meow?

Onto the Next!

We hope you enjoyed reading our top 5 cat blogs of 2019. Do you have any great resolutions for you and your pet? How about adding 5 minutes more to the 20 minutes of daily play and interaction, or maybe teaching your cat agility tricks? The most important thing is to keep your companion healthy and happy.

If we can answer any questions about your cat’s health, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us. Happy 2020! 

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