Cool Cat Gifts for Finicky Felines

Cool Cat Gifts for Finicky Felines

Have you ever bought something that you thought your cat would love only for it to be totally ignored? It happens to all of us. It’s very”cat-ish” to keep us guessing about their likes and, more to the point, dislikes. The result is that we keep trying to deliver the best cat gifts to them in the hope that they’ll be happy and healthy for as long as possible, which is why we keep trying. What can we say? We love cats!

Delightful Foodies

There are lots of boutique pet shops that boast artisan food and treats. These can be part of your delightful offerings this holiday season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your cat will go ga-ga over them.

You know your cat the best (or at least you try to). Use this knowledge to your advantage when devising or altering some of the internet’s best homemade cat treat recipes. Whether they love tuna or salmon, sweet potato or nutritional yeast, there’s a cat treat recipe out there for your little fluff-master. Be sure to pick up some cute cat-centric cookie cutters like paw prints or fish.

Comfort First, Second, Last

Regardless of your cat’s lifestyle (indoor-only or indoor-outdoor), it’s likely that they love their sleep. Try an upgrade this holiday season with some of the most comfortable, luxurious, supportive, and attractive cat bedding options, such as:

Felted Wool Cat CaveTempCare BedWall Mounted Space BedFeline SofaThermo Kitty Bed

You can also elevate your cat’s home environment by providing them with cool climbing shelves, wall hammocks, window beds, or if you’re really up for it, build them an amazing catio structure.

Tech Savvy

Modern technology has seeped into seemingly every corner of our lives, and cat ownership is no exception. Of all the cool gadgets out there, we recommend any of the following for excellent cat gifts:

Litter RobotPet Cube Player and CameraTreat Tossing CameraBluetooth Smart TrackerMicrochip FeederWifi Feeder

More Toys!

If you are tired of filling wooly mice with fresh dry catnip and sewing them before offering them to your cat, it’s good to know that there is a plethora of interesting, fun toys available. Of the best cat gifts out there, these rank pretty high on our list of good ones:

Interactive Feather Robot ToyThe Flik ToyBrain Mover

We hope you enjoy these examples of wonderful cat gifts. Of all the things you could give your cat this holiday season, they might enjoy a good snuggle, some active play time, and a grooming session with you.

Cat Gifts All Year Long

Please call us at (404) 792-0700 with any questions about your cat’s health and happiness. From all of us at Cat Care of Vinings have a safe holiday season!

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