Deep Thoughts: What is Your Cat Thinking Throughout the Day?

Deep Thoughts: What is Your Cat Thinking Throughout the Day?

The connection we have to cats is so strong it feels almost as though they can read our thoughts, scan our moods, and even gauge how to behave based on our needs. Because the depth of feeling for cats is so powerful, it’s easy to get caught up in projecting onto them very human-like thought processes. But what really goes on in their sweet, furry heads?

With a curiosity not unlike a feline’s, we can’t help but wonder: what is your cat thinking right now?

Cat Chat

History indicates that cats have perceived humans as friends for millennia, but contemporary research suggests that cats don’t necessarily see us as any different from them.

We’re Just Big Cats to Our Cats

While cats understand that their human caretakers are larger than they are, they continue to behave around us in the same manner as if they were around other cats. The only key difference is that cats meow to humans, not other cats. They still rub up against us, place their tails high in the sky, and groom us (or try to!).

Owners wondering about the intricacies of the cat thinking process might turn to cat body language. Since these are the ways your cat primarily communicates with you, taking visual cues can help you understand him or her on a deeper level.

A Subtle Language

Understanding your cat’s body language and determining cat thinking may start with:

Tail – When the tail is resting, your cat is chill. If you notice him or her flinging it about, chances are your cat is irritated by something. When the tail is vertical, your cat is happy, at peace, or even ready to play. When the tail is tucked between the hind legs, our experience with cat thinking suggests that he or she is anxious or fearful. Eyes – If a staring contest between you and your cat ends with a long, slow blink, it means “I love you”. Eyes half-closed might complement the kneading action, purring, and snuggling. When dilated and focused, your cat is ready for action. Check out the butt wiggle and taut whiskers, too! Ears – When pinned back, your cat is not feeling it. This can occur when your cat is overstimulated, such as when being over-petted or when stressed.

Their Mystique is Why We Love Them

We may think we have great insight into the mystery that is “cat thinking”, but we may never fully understand them. This is why we love cats, actually!

From sleeping on our heads (it’s the warmest part of the body) to sitting on top of our laptops (again, it’s warm, but it’s also in front of your face), cat thinking methods are perplexing. This can lead to lots of cat myths or misconceptions, most notably:

Cats are aloof and prefer to be alone. Nope! They are very special, social animals who seek close companionship. Purring only means happiness…In fact, it can also indicate stress, fear, or pain. Keep an eye out for illness or injury, and be prepared in the case of an emergency. Cats scratch to annoy people. Wrong again! Cats need to act out this primal instinct that gives them great pleasure and relief. Install a sturdy scratching post and let your cat have at it.

Is Your Cat Thinking Good Thoughts?

A recent study concluded that cats, when given a choice between playing with certain toys or having interactive fun with a human being, decisively choose to play with a person. For us here at Cat Care of Vinings, it’s mutual!

As always, please call us with any questions or concerns. Or, let us know what you believe cat thinking is all about!

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