Do You Have a Cat Safe Yard?

Do You Have a Cat Safe Yard?

It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy the dappled sunshine and flower-scented breezes. This is when nature comes alive again, and the instincts to play, frolic, and explore wake up from a long winter’s snooze.

While some felines prefer to enjoy spring from the comfort of a window perch, others simply can’t wait to get outside and explore in their very own cat safe yard. But what does that look like, exactly?

A Suggestion

Spring is always a great time to bring your cat in for a  wellness exam. This can help you chart a healthy course of warm-weather care. Parasite preventives and vaccinations are important for cats in all living situations, but if you’re preparing for your cat to enjoy the great outdoors, this is even more important.

Think Like a Cat

One of the best ways to protect your cat while outside is with secure fencing. Of course, most fences are no match for agile, daring felines, but there are great cat fences out there. This not only keeps your cat safely within your yard, they also keep other animals out. Win-win!

You could also entertain the idea of a large cat run or “catio” to offer the best of both worlds, especially if you live in Georgia or the South East.

Plants and Flowers

There are some amazing pet-friendly plants perfect for Georgia’s climate, and creating a garden bed just for your cat (catnip, anyone?) will probably score you major points. Keep in mind, however, there are an equal number of toxic plants out there. Before allowing your cat access to what’s in your yard, remove toxic plants, such as:

Sago palm Lilies Morning glories Oleander Cocoa mulch Certain fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides

Please call us asap if your cat is vomiting, has diarrhea, tremors, drooling, respiratory problems, coordination issues, or other worrisome signs. Also consult the Georgia Poison Center for more information.

Warm and Toasty

Cats love to sleep in the sun, but exposure to excessive heat can be dangerous. Always keep fresh, cool water in your cat safe yard, and make sure there’s a cool, shady spot to rest. Tarps, umbrellas, sun shades, or even cat tents are all fabulous additions. Know the signs of heat stroke, and call us if you need help.

Know the Go Spot

Keep an eye on the indoor litter box. If quantity goes down, you can expect to find feces in your yard. Some cat owners may install an outdoor litter box for your cat to use while enjoying the fresh air. To avoid the presence of strange cats or raccoons, bring this indoors at night.

A Fun Cat Safe Yard

Depending on what your property looks like and how much space you have for a cat safe yard, you could create a bona fide playground. Tunnels, platforms, large rocks, or other perches will help your cat connect with primal instincts. Sit back, get the camera ready, and enjoy the show!

Other Elements

With a mix of creativity and effort, you can make a cat safe yard that your pet loves. If you have any questions about your cat’s outdoor environment, please give us a call.

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