Do You Have Doubts About Boarding Your Cat? Let’s Dispel Them.

Do You Have Doubts About Boarding Your Cat? Let’s Dispel Them.

Many cat owners believe that their cats are better off at home instead of a boarding facility, since felines are incredibly territorial. However, despite every last effort to ensure their safety and wellbeing, accidental injury or sudden illness can happen while you’re out of town. Sure, a friend, relative, or neighbor might pop in for daily meals, litter box duties, and attention, but unless your cat is being closely monitored in your absence, calamity can occur. Boarding your cat with us is the best solution!

The Difference

The primary reason why cat owners ultimately decide to board their cat instead of hiring a cat sitter is medical care and attention. Veterinary hospitals provide consistent monitoring of daily health and wellbeing, and we know when something is “off”. Our trained staff can address any needs that pop up in your absence.

Additionally, cats that depend on medication, subcutaneous fluid therapy, or specialized diet can have all their needs promptly addressed by a caring, professional staff.

But It’s Home…

Sure, a cat’s home is indeed their castle and it’s where they feel the most comfortable, even if it’s not always the best option. While it may be jarring to some individuals to feel uprooted and transplanted in an unfamiliar environment, boarding your cat with us is a wonderful, and safe, alternative to being alone at home.

Come On In

The image of cats in adjacent cages is an outdated one. At Cat Care of Vinings, we are thrilled to offer our boarding clients with cat condos instead of cages. With the goal of providing a safe, conzy, peaceful home away from home, your cat will be pampered in their own private area. They can freely move around, sleep comfortably, and enjoy the view from their individual perches.

Kitty’s Choice

Many cats that stay with us are accustomed to being the only felines around. It’s not unusual for their owners to worry about how this might play out, but our boarding cats typically don’t interact with each other unless they really want to. Otherwise, they are invited to remain in their own condo for the duration of their stay where we can lavish them with lots of attention, praise, and treats.

Boarding Your Cat

If your cat is alone with someone intermittently stopping by to take care of their food/water/litter needs, they won’t be protected in case of a fire, sudden illness, accident, or escape. Certainly, they are creatures of habit and require a daily routine, but we work very hard to attain that same level of comfort when your cat stays with us.

It can take a day or two for cats to relax enough in order to enjoy their stay. When they do, we can really have some fun together!

Yet Another Bonus

Boarding your cat is perfectly safe and reliable. We require up to date proof of vaccinations beforehand to protect the health of all the cats in our care. Food/water bowls, as well as litter boxes, are not shared, we have excellent air filtration and ventilation, and we maintain top-notch cleanliness every day.

We are always happy to answer any questions or address concerns about boarding your cat.

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