Fear Free and Proud at Cat Care of Vinings | Cat Care of Vinings Blof

Fear Free and Proud at Cat Care of Vinings | Cat Care of Vinings Blof

Although cats consistently beat out dogs for the title of “Most Popular Pet,” owners don’t bring them in to see a veterinarian as often as their canine counterparts. In fact, studies show that veterinarians see 5 dogs for every 1 cat. As cats get older, they’re even less likely to make it in for a wellness exam.

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat probably isn’t surprised by this statistic. Cats are notoriously resistant to their carriers and often experience high levels of fear and stress while at the clinic. As a result, millions of cats don’t receive the health care they need. Because cats are hardwired to mask signs of illness or injury, regular visits to the veterinarian are critical.

At Cat Care of Vinings, we take the bond between cats and humans seriously. We know cat owners don’t want their pets to suffer, yet the importance of regular wellness exams cannot be overstated. With this in mind, we’re proud to have certified Fear Free professionals at our practice and want to share the benefits of what this means to our patients.

What is Fear Free?

Fear Free was founded by Dr. Marty Becker and developed with the help of board-certified veterinary experts. The goal is to reduce fear and stress among animal patients and make all aspects of their experience at our hospital as comfortable as possible. Certification requires the completion of an 8-part educational course and exam, along with continuing education to maintain our certification.

Fear Free techniques are designed to address the emotional wellbeing of the pet, owner, and veterinary healthcare team, all while safely administering veterinary care. Creating a calm, relaxing environment for your cat supports the following goals:

To help owners get their pet to us calmly and safelyTo minimize anxiety in the waiting room To keep exam rooms cat-friendlyTo perform procedures safely and with low-stress handling techniquesTo utilize calming agents, such as pheromones, anti-anxiety medication, sedation, and/or pain medication, to keep cats at ease

No More Scaredy-Cats

Making our feline patients feel safe, comfortable, and respected is deeply important to us. Fear, anxiety, and stress can significantly impact an animal’s physiological and mental health. It may also inhibit healing, and it can make receiving medical treatment more difficult or impossible.

When a pet is calm and relaxed, the result is a more thorough physical examination, faster healing time, and more accurate blood chemistries. Alleviating fear at the veterinary hospital also strengthens the bond between cats and humans and makes subsequent trips to see us less eventful.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for your cat, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

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