How To Choose The Best Cat For You

How To Choose The Best Cat For You

If you really love cats it’s possible you imagine living with every feline you cross paths with, especially if you visit a rescue or shelter. If a cat needs a home, why wouldn’t you adopt them? This is an honorable approach, but adopting a cat is a big decision—and it’s one worthy of time and careful consideration. Whatever your lifestyle and home environment, it’s important to contemplate which type of cat is best for you. 

We Love Shelter Cats

Choosing the best match from your local animal shelter is a wonderful option. So many beautiful, sweet, playful, loving companions need homes and shelter cats make incredible friends. For starters, they seem to recognize when they’ve been “saved” from the shelter and never tire of showing gratitude and love to their owners. Secondly, by adopting a cat from a shelter, you free up space for another cat to find their new home. The sheer volume of homeless cats underlines the importance of the “adopt, don’t shop” credo.

Adopting a Cat 

In addition to finding all the necessary supplies and gear, successful cat adoption hinges on bringing home the “right” cat. If you have a lot of free time, adequate square footage, and amenable housemates/family members/resident pets, a kitten may be a terrific choice. They sure are cute, silly, and feisty, but they aren’t free of certain challenges. Kittens need to learn the proper ways to behave and socialize, whereas older or senior cats are already well-versed in the art of co-existing. 

Appearance, Size, Personality

Once you have an age-range in mind you can start to ponder a breed of choice. Most shelter cats are mixed breed, but you can still find purebred cats available from time to time. Cat experts say that Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and Siamese cats may be the friendliest cats to owners new to the experience. Some cat breeds are larger in size than others and benefit from having more room to stretch their legs. 

It is worthwhile to assess the effect that long-haired cats can have on the home and fellow residents. All cats shed (even hairless breeds shed dander, a known allergen). If you have the luxury of choosing the right cat for you and your home, we encourage you to consider how excessive shedding might impact your day to day life. 

Should I Adopt a Cat?

Cats can live long, healthy, happy lives when all of their needs are provided for. All cats deserve to be:

Protected from contagious diseases via routine vaccinations Guarded against terrible illness spread by parasites Spayed or neutered to promote lifelong reproductive health Fed a balanced, age-appropriate diet Exercised and played with every day

When wondering if you should adopt a cat, please keep in mind that your home, lifestyle, and family dynamic must adapt to meet the needs of your cat for as long as they live. A newly adopted cat can live upwards of 20 years old!

If you have further questions about cat adoption or the great contributions cats make toward human health and happiness, please give us a call at (404) 792-0700. Our team is always happy to help you at Cat Care of Vinings. 

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