How to Choose the Best Treats for Training

How to Choose the Best Treats for Training

With so many choices out there, how do you choose the best dog treats for your pup? For most dogs, food rewards are the most convenient and effective way to influence your dog’s behavior. Before choosing any dog treat, make sure to review the ingredients list. Always consult with a veterinarian if your dog has food sensitivities, weight-related issues, or you have other concerns.

Stock up on some tasty rewards for your pup! Here are our top picks for the best dog treats for training, dental health, fun, and special occasions.

Best Dog Training Treats

Our Top Pick: Soft & Moist Training Dog Treats: Turkey Flavor

The perfect dog treats not only taste good but are great for your dog! Teach your dog some new tricks with these soft and moist training treats. The top ingredient in these tasty, turkey-flavored treats is real meat. They contain no gluten, wheat, or soy and have zero artificial colors and flavors. The training treats are also low-calorie (3/5 kcal per treat) and are rich in Omega-9. Price: $8

You can also purchase these training treats in a Big Lots near you.

Best Wheat-, Corn-, and Soy-Free Dog Treats

Our Top Pick: Riley’s Organic Apple Dog Treats

Keep your dog satisfied with these organic, apple-flavored, large bone dog treats. The treats are made of quality USDA-certified organic ingredients rich in Vitamins A, K, C, and E to support your dog’s immune system and vision, and has calcium and fiber to support your dog’s dietary system. These tasty treats are also wheat, corn, and soy free. Price: $15

Full Moon Training Treats

This 5 oz. bag contains more than 145 treats that are glycerin and grain-free (no corn, wheat, or soy). Made with cage-free duck raised in the USA and 100% human-grade ingredients, each tasty bite bursts with a flavor your dog will roll over for. Or sit. Or stay. Price: $6

Best Special Occasion Dog Treats

Our Top Pick: Nacho Dog Treats

Looking for a special way to celebrate your pup’s birthday or a holiday? Think beyond the dog bone and let your dog enjoy a delicious plate of nachos at your next special occasion. Price: $7.50

Best Dental Dog Treats

Our Top Pick: Greenies Dental Treats

Recommended by veterinarians for at-home oral care and full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, Greenies are the perfect one-a-day treat for your dog. One treat a day is all it takes for your dog to have clean teeth and fresh breath! The chewy texture and original irresistible taste will have your dog excited for his one-a-day Greenie! Price: $ 33.99

Himal Dog Treat Chew

These chews are not only yummy, but they’re also great for your dog’s teeth. All-natural and great for your dog’s health, these Himalayan chews are sure to be a hit with any pup.

Best Treat Dispensers

Our Top Pick: Rocking Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Interactive dog toys are not only entertaining — they provide much-needed mental stimulation for your dog. The dispenser stays upright, meaning there’s less chance it will end up hidden underneath the sofa and dog treats won’t easily fall out. Even better, it makes a rocking sound when moved for added entertainment. Price: $15

Treat Dispensing Giggle Ball

As if a rolling toy that dispenses treats weren’t enough, this dog toy actually giggles when moving. The tough polycarbonate giggle ball is safe and durable. It offers hours of play for your canine pal. And the sounds create added interest, making it a fun, interactive experience. Price: $27

Best Dog Treat Puzzles

Our Top Pick: SNiFFiz SmellyMatty Dog Food Puzzle Snuffle Mat

Looking for a new way to engage your dog? This nose work mat is the perfect item for you! There are many places to hide treats and the treat pockets are designed to fit all types of dog mouth shapes. You’re able to change the difficulty level and it’s also machine washable for dogs that get a little messy.

Outward Hound Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Engage your pup with this challenging and interactive toy. With three different treat feeding features, this toy is a great way to teach your dog problem-solving skills and keep your dog entertained for hours. Price: $19.15

Best Hip & Joint Dog Treats

Our Top Pick: American Kennel Club Hip & Joint Chicken Soft Chew Supplements


Keep your aging dog happy and healthy with these tasty treats. The formula provides glucosamine, MSM, and Organic Turmeric for healthy aging and hip and joint issues. It’s great for small and large breeds and the treats are soft for easy chewing. They’re also made in the USA. Price: $30

Dog Joint Advanced Supplement Soft Chews 

These treats double as supplements of dogs with arthritis or joint and muscle pain. AKC Advanced Care Joint Support Soft Chews include glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM, and omega fatty acids. Developed by veterinarians, this formula supports joints’ structural integrity, as well as connective tissues. Price: $35

Ready to start training? Start with these five basic commands. The most important part of treat training is that your dog stays healthy, stimulated, and has fun. Enjoy!

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