KittyClysm* – A Cat Blog for Cat Lovers & Kitty Keepers

KittyClysm* – A Cat Blog for Cat Lovers & Kitty Keepers

Here’s to another first post

I’m a compulsive starter. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just know that it means I’m one of those people who can’t sit still with projects all done up and completed. I need to start new projects all the time. It’s like an itch. Needs scratching. Most of the projects I start up I don’t go through with. But that’s okay, because the ones that …

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Hi, I’m Elise! Welcome to KittyClysm – a blog for cat lovers & kitty keepers. Join me & my three grumpy-lookin’ old man cats – Avery, Bjorn, & Athos – as I discuss cat topics like funny cat behaviours, cat training tips, feline facts, pet care advice and so much more!

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