Should I Have a Cat First Aid Kit? You Betcha!

Should I Have a Cat First Aid Kit? You Betcha!

For all intents and purposes, it appears that it’s great to be a cat. They might eat, sleep, and play like other animals, but everything they do tips the cute-ometer. Unfortunately, cats are also excellent at finding trouble – but they don’t always land on their feet. For the times your cat comes home with scratches, bites, or other injuries, it’s vital to have a cat first aid kit to lean on.

Prevent and Protect

Devoted cat owners are likely to do everything they can to prevent accidents that could potentially befall their precious pets, but accidents do happen. Not only that, but felines are naturally curious and find trouble even when they’re not looking. In cases requiring emergency veterinary care, having a cat first aid kit can make all the difference.

Kitty Emergency

Many of the supplies for a cat first aid kit are similar to what we’d store for ourselves. Once you fill your kit, check on it every few months and either replenish supplies or replace ones that are outdated. Keep this kit away from animals and children.

Generally, the following list completes a cat first aid kit. Stock up on any additional items that we may recommend directly for your cat’s health and wellness.

Cat book that clearly explains first aid and CPR Disposable gloves Flashlight (it can be really hard to get a visual on some injuries) Gauze pads and rolls Adhesive tape Styptic powder (so helpful when you’ve accidently cut the quick when trimming your cat’s claws) Blunt nose scissors Tweezers Eye wash Prescription medicines and OTC drugs as directed (including Benadryl and aspirin) Hot and cold packs Blanket Bottled water

Other Cat First Aid Options

When you’re facing a health crisis with your cat, it’s immensely helpful to have access to his or her medical records and history. Whether it’s printed out and organized near your cat first aid kit or the records are found online, it’s ideal to have them available at all times.

Have your cat first aid kit in a convenient spot where it can be easily accessed in case of an illness or injury. Let everyone in your household know where it is and how to use the contents.

We’re Always Here for Your Cat

While no one ever wants to plan for the worst, it’s really great to have all the tools and supplies when you need them the most. A cat first aid kit allows you to be prepared for whatever your cat gets into and may even buy your cat extra time before you’re able to transport them to our hospital.

You may never use your cat first aid kit, but if you ever need one, your cat will be better off. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. We’re always here for your at Cat Care of Vinings!

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