Why, Oh Why, do Cats Hate Water?

Why, Oh Why, do Cats Hate Water?

You know that moment when you and your cat are really gelling together? In that single instant, you might be reading, snuggling, playing, or simply hanging out in the same general space at the same time; it’s like you’re almost the same as the other. It’s not uncommon for cat lovers to sometimes feel…feline-ish. It’s only fair to assume that cats might also feel a bit human from time to time, right?

All this could be universally accepted except for one thing: cats hate water. While people shower in it, wash their hands, and swim through it on a regular basis, cats look on in abject disgust. But why?

Add to the List

The list of things cats dislike is quite long – and grows every day. According to the internet, cats prove they (quite rightfully) detest cucumbers, bananas, screen doors, toasters, printers, and so on. Cats definitely have a reputation for being a tad finicky, but there must be a good reason for the feline agua angst.

It’s Scientific

Basically, your cat’s proclivity for utter dryness stems from their relationship to wild desert cats. Having evolved in a dry, arid region, ancestors of today’s domestic cats didn’t have to develop swimming skills. There are, however, large cats (like tigers and jaguars) that are famous for swimming and hunting underwater. Go figure!

Must. Stay. Dry.

Speaking of survival skills, cats are always on the lookout for impending peril. When wet, weighed down, and bedraggled, cats have terrible odds for escape. Plus, when their coats are soaking wet, it’s very difficult for them to maintain their characteristically high body temperature.

Lastly, consider how much time your cat grooms themselves in a single day. Imagine having all that work literally go down the drain! Also, the pheromones that are so effective in marking, tracking, and mating can become diluted or completely erased when cats get wet.

Feline Psych 101

There are accounts of cats who live on or near bodies of water that are truly “one” with the wet element, but generally speaking, cats hate water because of a negative experience with it. Likewise, some cats have no previous history with it, leading to a lack of understanding or fondness.

If your cat had soothing or satisfying experiences with water stemming from kittenhood, chances are they enjoy it and seek it out. Lucky you, that will make getting your cat to take a bath an absolute pleasure for both of you.

Do Cats Hate Water Forever?

Cats can certainly adapt to new patterns if it’s done in such a way that creates a lasting, positive memory. Many cats don’t require regular bathing (as their self-grooming is meticulous), but over time, aging, ailing, or obese felines struggle to keep up with this important habit of wellness.

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