Why Regular Wellness Care For Cats Is Important | Cat Care of Vinings Blog

Why Regular Wellness Care For Cats Is Important | Cat Care of Vinings Blog

Regular wellness care is of the utmost importance for any pet, but trips to the veterinarian often end up on the back burner when it comes to our cats. This pro-cats-tination could be due to a general dislike of car rides, carriers, handling without their consent, or because cats are experts at masking symptoms,  hiding pain and making us believe that there is nothing wrong. Because of this, many felines don’t get the care they need until their health problems become serious. It’s important to remember that cats age more rapidly than humans, making regular wellness care an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for your feline companion. Preventing illness and disease in our feline companions is easier, healthier, and cheaper than attempting to treat a problem once it arises.

Kitten Care

The first few weeks with a new kitten is always exciting! As pet parents, we are eager to load up on the supplies our newest family member will need; food, bowls, litter box, bed, and, of course, kitty toys. But don’t forget about one of the most important things you can provide for your kitten – his or her first trip to the veterinarian. We are here to help if you are unsure how to start the vaccination and general care process with a new baby. Call ahead for details regarding visits and expectations or visit our “before we meet” section at catcareofvinings.com. We are here to answer questions regarding transport and expectations with a first kitten visit.

As an example, your kitten will be tested for feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus, treated for parasites, vaccinated (only if appropriate), and given a complete wellness exam. These important first steps will help prevent the spread of parasites and disease to other pets and ensure you are on the right track. At Cat Care of Vinings we provide early insights into handling, fear-free communication and bonding with your new baby; as well we provide the latest information on parasites, pest control and living in the southeastern United States specifically. There are regional “pests” and conditions that you should be aware of in every effort to prevent disease and illness in your new baby and your family too! As an example, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are everywhere and survive the mild winters we have here in Georgia. A good conversation regarding proactive parasite control and heartworm protection for your new kitten is a must.

Wellness Care for Cats: The Mature Meow – It’s Worth a Visit or Two!

As your cat ages, he or she needs to be seen for wellness exams at least once per year. Cats with one chronic illness are often advised to check in for a mid-year evaluation too! Every effort to prevent relapses and monitor whether current diet or medications are as effective as intended is one less chance for complications or subtle changes that can end in crisis. Your wellness visit includes a general “nose-to-tail” evaluation with our licensed veterinarians, a blood pressure for cats of 7 years or older, and vaccines, dewormings, fecal testing, blood and urine testing if appropriate. All decisions are individual and based entirely on your cat’s health and lifestyle at the time of your visit.

Most of my exams are on the floor or crouching in the room watching  your baby walk, jump and generally engage during the visit. More than half of my exam is in observation and history. We are all about the details here at Cat Care of Vinings–the details matter greatly when a “stealthy-ninja-show-no-fear” cat is concerned—I believe wholeheartedly that it is in every cat’s DNA as survival instincts–showing weakness somehow equals danger. That is our challenge in veterinary medicine because they do not act like dogs or humans, to say the least!

Prevention Is The Best Protection

Wellness visits before a crisis is the key to staying out of the emergency room. Many clients have learned that if they think there is a problem, perhaps just a minor something that “nags” at them, it is probably worth checking in with us. I don’t think I have every had a single owner say, “wow, this was such a waste of time to come in today.”  Subtle changes in appetite, attitude, engagement and routines at home can hold immense information and help us guide you in every aspect of your cat’s health, quality of life and welfare. Thank you in advance for trusting us with your baby’s care!

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