Your Guide to Fourth of July Cat Safety

Your Guide to Fourth of July Cat Safety

The Fourth of July is typically a day of fun; fireworks, cookouts, swimming, hanging with friends and family, and all the things humans love. For cats, however, this particular day (and night) is wrought with risk. Loud noises, confusion, and separation from the family combine to make it one of the scariest days of the year.

Fear produces stress, and stress can have many negative impacts on a cat’s health, including an increased risk of developing urinary tract infections, refusal to eat, and obsessive grooming. Our Fourth of July cat safety tips are simple ways you can reduce your cat’s stress and protect him or her from the dangers associated with this particular time of year.

Know Thy Cat

Cats are notoriously secretive, but an observant owner can watch for signs of anxiety, including:

Excessive vocalization Trembling Hiding Abnormal grooming behavior Changes in appetite Irritability/aggression Restlessness

Watch the Door

The comings and goings of guests make the perfect opportunity for a kitty escape artist to make a break for it.

Practice good Fourth of July cat safety by making sure your cat has been microchipped, and that the microchip is registered with your current contact information before Independence Day.

In addition, outfit kitty with a properly fitting collar and ID tags to increase the chances of being reunited should he or she become lost.

Speaking of Outside…

Bring your outdoor cat inside prior to the start of a fireworks display. Not only is it safer for your cat to be inside, it will allow you to keep tabs on his or her anxiety level and offer support as needed.

Fourth of July Cat Safety

Keep your cat safe and comfortable with our expert tips:

Give kitty a safe place to hide and rest during a party or fireworks display. Set him or her up in a quiet room with food, water, litter box, and bedding. Turn out the lights, cover the windows, and play soothing music to block out the sights and sounds. Don’t leave anxious cats home alone; rather, stay nearby to provide petting and verbal reassurance. Keep in mind that anxious cats may become aggressive. Pressure-based garments like the Thundershirt can help your cat to stay calm during a fireworks display or other noisy event. Consider using Feliway, an all-natural feline pheromone, to sooth your cat’s anxiety.

Helping you take the best possible care of your cat is our top priority at Cat Care of Vinings. If your cat is experiencing severe anxiety, please give us a call. Your veterinarian will be happy to discuss the various medications and other options for helping your cat.


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